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Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the north-eastern state of Assam. It is the only Tiger Reserve of its kind in the entire northeast. The forest has crossed the borders beyond Indian territories to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan,with the crystal waters of the Manas River demarcating the International border.
Manas covers an area of 391 sq.km. Manas Wildlife Sanctuary was previously known as North Kamrup which was declared a sanctuary on October 1,1928. Manas National Park can be referred as a 'Four in one' wildlife sanctuary, as it is an important project tiger reserve, an elephant reserve, a biosphere reserve in Assam and also an UNESCO world heritage site.

Manas has one of the richest biodiversity areas in the world,the reason for this is the combination of sub-Himalayan Bhabar Terai and Sub-Himalayan mountain forest. The park is covered with moist tropical deciduous forest. These wetlands are the requirement for the survival of endangered hispid hare. The vegetation ranges from Khairsissoo-bhabar grass community to semi evergreens. The common trees in the park are the simul, khoir, udal, sida, bohera and kanchan.

Manas is home for endangered and rare species of as many as 55 species of mammals. It also shelters 50 species of endangered reptiles and a surprising 380 species of birds including 3 species of amphibians.

Although the prime attractions of the Park are Tigers,elephants,rhinoceros and wild buffaloes, you can't ignore to feel the presence of leopards,pigmy hog, red pandas, swamp deer, capped langurs, hoolock gibbons, sambar, roofed turtle, Hispid Hare and golden langur. You can also see giant Hornbills gliding over your head. They share their habitat with two of its smaller cousins-the Pied hornbill and the grey hornbill.

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